What software solutions are available at NICO Technologies?
NICO Technologies offers both custom software and packaged software. NICO Technologies also has strong partnerships with other IT service providers including Microsoft. Among our offerings are Microsoft 365, Business Intelligence tools and Contract safe.
What IT Managed Services are offered by NICO Technologies?
NICO Technologies can handle all or some of your IT needs so that you concentrate on your core business. These include:
– IT service desk support;
– Business application support;
– Server and network support; and
– IT strategy and budget formulation.
What IT Infrastructure services are offered by NICO Technologies?
With the current technological trends, you need no or little investment on IT Infrastructure. NICO Technologies can help you achieve this by offering:
– Networking services
– Servers
– Desktops, laptops and tablets through leasing or a once off sale.
How can NICO Technologies support in terms of Digital Transformation?
NICO Technologies enables efficiency and productivity in organisations through the delivery of digital transformation. We offer:
– Business process analysis and reengineering; and
– Administrator and user training.
What are IT Advisory Services?
NICO Technologies appreciates the complexity of ICT matters for organizations. With our expertise and indepth knowledge of regulations and guidelines, we are able to give guidance, make assessments and recommendations on your IT environment. This aids you in making informed decisions on your IT requirements.
What card products and services are offered by NICO Technologies?
NICO Technologies offers various card products and services. These include identity card production, card embossing, key card management, sale of card printers and accessories, and various trainings on cards and card equipment.